Lyndsay & Marilyn Main – Whiritoa

In August 2010 we contacted Kevin Evans about the possibility of building a home for us at Whiritoa. None of the regular plans suited us and Kevin was promptly onto providing a modified plan to meet our needs and our budget. We were particularly impressed with his willingness and skill in adapting plans and equally for the very good advice he gave us at all stages. It was never too much trouble to discuss plans from a distance or indeed to travel to meet us to go over details. Equally helpful and communicative were his staff on site at Whitianga who were not only involved at the planning stages but also handled the Council (no small feat) and choice of flooring, furnishings etc. It was a real pleasure to deal with everyone at the Evans Group.
We were equally impressed with the efficiency with which the work was carried out and the quality of the product achieved. There seemed to be exceptionally good communication with the people contracted to do the various works, coordination of which meant that the building progressed rapidly and was completed more than a week ahead of what was already a tight pre-Christmas schedule.
We could not be more pleased with the outcome. Anyone valuing a highly professional and efficient but personable approach to a building of the very best standard would be well advised to consult Evans Homes. Their enthusiasm in trying to ensure you get a home built quickly that you are really happy with is something that will doubtless set them apart from many other competitors.